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Shipping and delivery

Our company accepts delivery nationwide.

1. You contact us by phone: 028.38999628, 028.35120070, by fax: 028.35120069 or email nhathuuaba@yahoo.com to order and notify the receiving address, how to contact (telephone, fax or email) with you.
2. You will receive a quotation including the total value of orders and freight through telephone, fax or email of you.
3. You pay the amount written on the quote to us by transfer or through the money transfer service.
4. After receiving the amount stated in the quotation, depending on the demand, we will send the goods to you by car service, passenger car, plane ... to the receiving address that you have. Provide enclosed invoices and related documents (if any).
5. Time from the time we receive the full amount until you receive the goods:

  • In the day if the neighborhood, less than 100 km.
  • About 2 working days for big cities.
  • Approximately 3 working days for towns and towns.
  •  Approximately 4 to 5 working days for the remaining areas.