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Guide to exchange, return and refund

In case of change or return

Product purchased but not satisfied
- You can return the goods within 1 hour after receiving the goods, abaseals.com will change products for you. You need to keep the product you want to change or return to the intact, not distorted, deformed and not used.
Purchased product is defective - Out of date
Please check the product before payment. In case of damage during transportation, please contact us for assistance.
Products are not delivered correctly
Do you think the product delivered to you does not match the order? Please contact us as soon as possible, we will check if your goods are wrongly sent. In that case, we will replace the item as required by you (when available).

Conditions for changing and returning the goods
Terms of exchange: within 01 - 05 working days after receiving the goods and must contact us immediately call us at the above number to confirm the change, return the goods.

Condition for change, return of goods:

  • Products must be left intact.
  • Product change, pay not used.
  • The cost of transportation, packing, collection and communication costs is equal to 20% of the order value.

The process of changing, returning the goods
After receiving the goods, please check carefully before receiving goods. If you have any problems, please contact us immediately to be resolved satisfactorily.